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Voiceover ADS

Shanine Alessia and her team has you covered if you are looking for a voiceover ad read in a male or female voice. We will record, mix and master your audio file.

You will be given a couple options to choose from:

Your voice over ad can be read in a a professional American

female voice, a professional Male voice or a more laid back American female or male voice.

You will simply need to provide us with the script and we will take care of everything else.


To hear samples of the voices, feel free to listen to the clips below

Female Forced to Forgive ADVoiceover
Male Anchor ADVoiceover

Do You Like What You Hear?

Client Testimonials



Simply Ball Droppin Podcast, Texas

Special thank you. I would like to thank Shanine and her husband for the podcast ad that they provided me. It was dope and professionally done. .



JnJ Glam, Nigeria

The ad recorded by the Reaching While Teaching Podcast team was really professional and I like the way she synced it to work with the episode. It sounded really well put together. Thank You.



Transform Now Empowerment, Fl

The ad that Shanine and her team constructed for my book was super professional and it sounded so good!

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