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Educational or Professional Jingles

Shanine Alessia Young is an English Teacher in Florida and is known for infusing music into her classroom to ensure her students fully grasp the concepts being taught.  Shanine has created several remixes to popular songs and turned it into an educational chant, summary or jingle to engage her students. This innovative approach has led to increased attentiveness and understanding in her classroom.

She writes jingles based around an educational theme or concept and then adds an instrumental beat to the jingle. The subject matter can range from History, Math, Science, Health/P.E., Biblical Studies and of course English.

She also writes professional jingles for products, brands, podcast intros and many other businesses.

Shanine can either write a jingle for you to perform for your students/audience or create a jingle/chant with or without an instrumental with her voice as the voiceover. Packages can be custom tailored to your liking.

DSC_1405 copy.JPG

Two of her favorite jingles/remixes are posted below.

Uncommon Single PromoShanine Alessia

Want to be Innovative? 

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