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As a well distinguished speaker and minister, Shanine Alessia is a force to be reckoned with. She has spoken at churches, conferences, back to school events and at quite a few other settings.  Her unique style of speaking/teaching allows her audience to envision every word she speaks.  Her message brings a sense of hope and purpose. Her audience walk away feeling empowered, equipped and educated to live a more abundant life.

As a speaker, Shanine addresses all ages and social groups with an emphasis on personal development, women's topics, and education.  

She wholeheartedly believes that everyone has something to learn and can become better than they were the day before. She uses her personal experiences as a way to be transparent and resonate with her listeners.

Choose from any of these topics, or feel free to have Shanine construct an original program just for you!

Stay in Your Lane

Seasons: Staying Motivated

Christian Commitment

Don't Waste Time; Stay on Your Grind!

Breaking Free from Unforgiveness

My Little Black Book for Righteous Living

Empowerment Speaking


Want to Be Empowered? 

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